Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Counting my blessings

Hi friends, fellow crafters and non crafters alike.

Welcome to a brand new day!
a new blog look...
a start of something beautiful...
new promises and adventures....

Time to count our blessings.
 I'm counting mine...
 Excited to share one with you today
this beautiful initial of my name
which I received from a gift swap with Janine. 
I am blessed.
 I wish that something wonderful will come your way, too. 

This deserves to be posted in my blog. 
Hope this will inspire you as it inspires me.

Isn't it so gorgeous? 
It has all my favorite colors in it as well as scrapping items...

ribbons, lace, flowers, 

butterflies, pearls, rhinestones...

It is so full of details and I'm loving it too much! 
This side of the wall in my room has been empty for quite awhile now. 
I can't decide what decoration to put in. 
So, this gift is just so perfect and it's right where I scrap. 
 Thank you Janine.
To see more of  Janine's inspiring creations, 
do visit her blog here and leave her some love.

If you wonder what I swap in return, keep posted for that!
 Will share it with you on my next post.



  1. Yes, lucky me indeed! Thanks for stopping by Neelu. Hugs XX

  2. oye! no need to be so formal with me :P I love following your blog and seeing your crafty stuff. xxNeelu

  3. I'm loving the new look of your blog ^awesome^. Thanks for the compliments "blush". Will do some posts on my blog as soon as I have time - am busy busy busy!!

    One of my blessing is finding a friend in you. Hugs and chat soon

    1. Thanks..would have love a lighter look but gave up searching. This will do...love it anyway. Maybe next time I'll try the Shabby blog, like those blinkies and stuff.

      More than the material things, friends are one of the finest blessings in life. Glad to find you too, I am blessed. Hugs XX


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