Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gonna stick this up...wanna post it!

Back so soon. Just published my post a few minutes back and here I am again.
Ohh, have I forgotten something? Uhuh?! Just gonna stick this one up...just wanna post it!!!

Well, sharing with you what I've created for a group of friends as valentines gift. Well, we had a day out pre-valentines day but then I was not able to post what i have created. So POST-ing IT now...

Sticky note pads are great, I use it everyday at home or at work. Easy to stick up everywhere and don't leave a mess. So I decided to dressed it up a bit!

 Sticky note pad cover

inside with the sticky notes

Sets of Sticky Note pads

 Just made it as simple as can be and not bulky just in case they wanna carry it around inside their bags.
So next time, I'm gonna use one to get myself out of a sticky situation by getting a reminder and POST IT out soon.

That's all for now and hope you like what i shared. 
Thanks a bunch for stopping by.




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