Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mini Albums

I love mini can tell a lot of stories and hold lots of photos. Well, that depends on the size, number of pages and tags the album has.

I finally went through my piles of photos (YAY got a lot scrap) in search of the mini albums i made {and given away} just before i started this blog. Thought I should share it with everyone....

Olga's mini album

Minnie Matilda mini album

Capture the JOY
 {Black & White mini album}

All these mini albums were put together using ring binders and decorated with ribbons. Each has different number of pages and tags.

Fabulous Memories
(Blue and white mini album with a touch of green)

This one was put together using Bind-it-All and decorated the o-wire with ribbons.
These mini albums are 6x6 inches in size.

 Sara's Special Day mini album
(Envelope mini album)

Also this one was put together using Bind-it-All with an album size of 4X5 inches. Used 5 multicolor envelopes and each has a tag insert.

I hope you like what you saw and be inspired to create one of your own. 
Thanks a bunch for stopping by.



  1. Looks very pretty, Irene:). Would love to see the inside of the albums, request you to share a video tutorial on this :)


    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by Durga :) Will post the inside of some of the albums soon, whichever i'll find. I have given them away as soon as they were done and was not able to take a complete pages photo or on the tag inserts. hehehe didn't realize that i would be starting a blog. anyway, i'll do another mini album in the future and will post tutorials on it. I have not done any video yet but will figure it out.



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